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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is sensor-assisted surgery?

A: OrthoSensor® is a leader in sensor-assisted surgery, a new technology that harnesses the latest innovations in sensors, microelectronics and wireless communications. VERASENSE provides real-time data to surgeons to help improve knee replacement surgery for their patients.


Q: What is VERASENSE ?

A: VERASENSE, the first wireless sensor-assisted device used in total knee replacements. The disposable sensor transmits data about your knee during surgery, which enables your surgeon to customize implant positioning and improve soft tissue balance.


Q: How does VERASENSE work?

A: Think about when you take your car in for new tires, the mechanic will hook it up to computers to ensure your tires are properly balanced for improved long-term performance. Similarly, surgeons use VERASENSE during your knee surgery to help them balance your knee implant with the goal of improving stability, function and improved range of motion.



Q: Does VERASENSE change a typical surgical procedure?

A: No. VERASENSE integrates seamlessly within a surgeon’s current surgical workflow. The innovative sensor doesn’t influence your surgeon’s decision regarding which type of implant design is best for you.


Q: What are the benefits of VERASENSE?

A: Soft tissue balance is critical to avoiding premature implant failures and revision surgery. VERASENSE advances surgeon decision-making about soft tissue adjustments from a feel-based art to a measurable science. VERASENSE provides surgeons, hospitals and other health care providers access to real-time data that helps improve patient care and satisfaction.

When your surgeon uses VERASENSE during your total knee replacement you may experience:

  • Less pain after knee replacement surgery
  • Quicker return to your normal activities
  • Improved function of your knee
  • Improved satisfaction


Q: Why is soft tissue balance important?

A: Soft tissues include tendons, ligaments, and muscles that exert forces on the joint, enabling its movement. The proper balance of these soft tissues is critical for a joint implant to function correctly. If soft tissues are too tight, the joint may not regain its full range of motion; if too loose, the joint may feel unstable; if loaded excessively on one area, the implant could fail prematurely.


Q: How can I find out if I am a good candidate for VERASENSE Sensor-Assisted Total Knee Replacement?

A: Speak with your surgeon to discuss whether or not VERASENSE is right for you.