OrthoLogIQ and MotionSense:

Data Collection, Reporting and Patient Engagement

The shift to Value-Based Healthcare challenges providers and facilities to deliver the best patient outcomes as efficiently as possible. OrthoLogIQ was developed to assist orthopaedic surgeons, hospitals and outpatient facilities in this transition. The OrthoLogIQ cloud-based data platform (for surgeons) and the MotionSense mobile application (for patients) work in tandem to optimize patient care. Data is gathered throughout the continuum of care, and the easy-to-use dashboards display meaningful information that allow healthcare providers to quickly take action to meet their clinical and economic goals.

OrthoLogIQ for Surgeons

For Surgeons

Data At Your Fingertips

OrthoLogIQ provides all orthopaedic surgeons and their practice staff with access to user-friendly dashboards that provide a snap-shot of each individual patient’s continuum of care, including:

  • Demographic information
  • Pre- and Post-Op PROM survey results for knee, uni, shoulder and hip
  • Intraoperative data: implant usage from knee, uni, shoulder and hip and load data from sensors (VERASENSE users)
  • Daily pain scores and activity (steps)

The streamlined dashboards allow for real-time reporting to enable surgeons to make quick evaluations and actionable decisions.


OrthoLogIQ offers integration capabilities with the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) to transmit selected patients’ data for reporting purposes.

MotionSense for Patients

For Patients*

The MotionSense mobile application assists total joint replacement patients through their pre- and post-operative journey.

PROM Surveys

MotionSense enables patients to complete pre- and post-op PROM surveys conveniently through their smart phone or tablet. Surveys are available for:

  • Knee PROMs
  • Uni PROMs
  • Shoulder PROMs
  • Hip PROMs
Image module

Patient Engagement

EDUCATION: Our MotionSense mobile application enables surgeons to engage with patients outside of the clinic through customized educational videos and informative text based on each surgeon’s prehab and rehab protocols.

PATIENT EXPERIENCE: The app also delivers a great patient experience by offering a simple and easy-to-access source of answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

POSITIVE RECOVERY PROCESS: Through the mobile app, surgeons will be able to encourage a positive recovery process through:

  • A daily pain journal
  • Home exercise plans
  • Activity (such as daily steps)

OrthoLogIQ® and MotionSenseTM are manufactured by EnMovi Ltd.
All data is collected complying with privacy and legal responsibilities required for all forms, surveys and questionnaires.

Contact your local OrthoSensor Representative to learn more about how OrthoLogIQ can assist with PRO collection, data aggregation and reporting – vital tools in navigating the bundled payments models of care.

*Available for Tier II and III pricing plans only.

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